You do not need to set up an account with our 503A patient-specific pharmacy.

The easiest way to start prescribing our medications is through your EMR.

It's easy!

  1. Be sure to set the state to NEW JERSEY to find “ImprimisRx NJ” in your list of pharmacies.

  2. Search ONE of the active ingredients in the ImprimisRx compound you wish to order and select the correct compound from your EMR’s AUTO-GENERATED list.

  3. Always include PATIENT ALLERGIES in the Notes to Pharmacy field of your e-script to ensure expedited processing.

For additional EMR tips, please contact our chat support 👇 by clicking the blue circle on the bottom right of this website.

You can also fax in a completed order form or fill out our electronic order form.

Click here for all of our order forms.

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